We've done it. We Reached the South Pole!

We reached the South Pole at 10.30 pm Chile time about 1.30 am UK time. Today we skied 14 miles and we could see the South Pole station from a long way away but we had to walk a long way around which made it quite frustrating.
It was very exciting but we’re all very tired now. When we got here we hugged and some people cried.
Hopefully we’ll be flying back to Union Glacier in about an hour. It was a really good experience to have and to get the record.
The trip brought me closer to Dad, but I also had to put up with his snoring.
We had a short tour of the research station at the South Pole which wasn’t what I expected as they had a basketball pitch.
I’m so looking forward to having a shower and some home made chocolate brownies.



Well done Amelia, absolutely brilliant!


At Ubley Primary School, near Bath, we have been following your adventure as part of our Topic. We have been learning about Shackleton's heroism and the Antarctic, so were excited by your expedition. Congratulations on your achievement and we hope you can escape your Dad's snoring now!


Congratulations to the whole team, but especially to you Amelia - what an achievement! I hope you get some chocolate brownies really soon and some decent sleep. Look forward to seeing you soon. Love Meriel

your a star

Well done Amelia and to all the team. We had been watching the blog all evening but finally gave in and went to bed. You have all achieved something truly amazing the memory of which, will stay with you always. Im sure you are all shattered so I hope that by the time you read this you may have had some sleep and who knows even a chocolate brownie and a shower!! Wishing you all a speedy journey home, lots of love and hugs for all Ted, Jack and Sam